Local Pension Board

Delegated Powers

The Authority’s Local Pension Board was established wef 1 April 2015 in accordance with statutory requirements set out in the Public Service Pensions Act 2013.

The Board will be responsible for ensuring that good standards of governance are achieved and maintained in the implementation and application of the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes.  A copy of the Board’s latest Annual Report can be found on the document and publications page.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority Local Pension Board comprises four members (2 employer and 2 employee representatives).


Scheme Manager

Scheme Member

Cllr P Harrand P Drinkwater
Cllr B Smith S Wilson


Meeting 7 July 2017

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Local Pension Board to be held on Friday 7 July 2017 at 11.30 a.m. in the Training and Function Suite, Training Centre,  Fire Service Headquarters, Birkenshaw.




1.  Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair 
Link to Report

2.  Membership of the Local Pension Board 2017 – 18
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3.  Urgent items

4.  Admission of the public  

The Board is asked to consider whether, by resolution, to exclude the public from the meeting during the items of business marked with an ‘E’ reference, because of the possibility of the disclosure or exempt information.
5.  Declarations of interest

To consider any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest in relation to any item of business on the agenda.

6.  Minutes of the meeting held on

a)  13 January 2017
b)  08 February 2017

7.  Terms of Reference – annual review
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8.  Local Pension Board Annual Report 2016 – 17
Link to Report

9.  Local Pension Board Activity report
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10.  Legislative update
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11.   Scheme Advisory Board
(Verbal update)

12.  Scheme Advisory Board – Minutes

a)  30 November 2016
b)  06 March 2017

13.   Scheme Advisory Board sub-committee – Ensuring the effectiveness of Local Pension Boards
(Verbal update)

14.  Scrutiny and review
(Verbal update)

15.  West Yorkshire Pension Fund – Key Performance Indicators
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E17.  Pension related corporate risks – annual review


Agenda Pdf version

All reports Pdf version




Minutes pdf version





Meeting 12 January 2018

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting of the Local Pension Board  to be held on Friday 12 January 2018 at 11.30 a.m. in the Conference Room, Fire Service Headquarters, Birkenshaw.








Archived Meetings

This page contains links to the Agendas and Minutes of the Local Pension Board meetings from previous years:


8 July 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

13 January 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

8 February 2017  Minutes


10 July 2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

25 September 2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

4 December  2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

26 February 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – to be reviewed in July 2016

Annual Reports