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How to do business with us

How to do business with WYFRA

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority in common with other public sector organisations, must meet the requirements of the Public Contract Regulations which ensure open and fair competition.

Under these Regulations, contracts with a total value over pre-determined thresholds must first be advertised [pre-Brexit] in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) or post-Brexit, via the UK e-notification service on Contracts Finder (

National / Regional Framework Agreements

A large portion of WYFRA’s supplies and services e.g. fire appliances, utilities, ICT support etc are purchased collaboratively with other public sector organisations through various pre-tendered Framework Agreements, awarded by Public Buying Organisations or lead Authorities.

WYFRA will either directly “call-off” from these frameworks or run mini-competitions as appropriate, but only against the list of pre-approved framework suppliers.

Suppliers interested in these Framework Agreements should contact the relevant organisation that awards and manages each framework.

Electronic Portal

WYFRA uses an electronic portal called Delta for inviting quotations with an estimated value over £5k and for advertising tender opportunities with estimated values over £75k.

(Estimated quotations below £5k are managed by telephone / email).

Any supplier interested in providing (non-framework) supplies, services or works to WYFRA should register (for free) on Delta which is hosted by BiP Solutions (

Quotations are managed by inviting a selection of registered suppliers.

The on-line self-registration process involves suppliers indicating the geographical areas in which they operate and what they offer. This information is then used to email automatic alerts to suppliers about any new tender opportunities published by WYFRA (or any other public or private sector organisations that use Delta).

Transparency Information

Suppliers may be interested in the list of existing Contracts along with value, duration, incumbent provider and expected expiry dates (and whether these contracts are one-off or renewable).

Also published are details of:

Market engagement

On occasion, WYFRA undertakes soft market testing exercises with suppliers. This involves liaising with suppliers to establish the best way of running any future procurement projects as well as assessing the current market. Soft market testing requires active engagement with suppliers.

Suppliers should however note that they will not be prejudiced by failure to respond to the soft market testing exercise. Also, a response to market testing exercises does not confer any advantage over any other supplier nor guarantee any invitation to participate in any future tenders.


Our policy in managing quotations and tenders is to identify and invite where possible, two local suppliers from within the West Yorkshire region to participate.

Quotations above £5k and tenders above £75k will only be managed via the electronic portal (Delta). We do not manage these processes outside of the portal.

WYFRA will only accept invoices in PDF format. We do not accept paper or FAX invoices.

Thank you for interest in supplying West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.