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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are central to WYFRS core values and we aim to promote and celebrate equality within our workforce and the communities we serve. WYFRS recognises people’s different needs, situations and goals, and seeks to remove any barriers to both employment and the delivery of our services.

As a public authority subject to legal equality duties, WYFRS is required to consider the impact that individual’s characteristics (protected characteristics defined in the Equality Act 2010, as well as socio-economic, lifestyle and behavioural factors) may have on the life experiences and service expectations of members of West Yorkshire’s communities.

This is so important to us that diversity and inclusion are embedded in all of our policies, procedures and processes at WYFRS.

Diversity and Inclusion Objectives

In line with recommendations from the Equality and Human Rights Commission our objectives are an integral part of the business plan.  The majority of our key Diversity and Inclusion activity is delivered through the Equality Action Plan, and scrutinised by a Diversity and Inclusion Board made up of staff members from different areas of the organisation.

Workforce Information

We are passionate about our workforce. Recording and publishing information about the diversity of our employees helps us ensure no-one is experiencing disproportionate disadvantage in accordance with the general equality duty.  A report on workforce diversity is provided to the Authority’s Human Resources Committee at least once a year. This latest report is for 2018/19

Equality Data Report 2018/19

Engaging with Communities

Engagement with the community and our employees is a continuous process and evidence/data is used to tailor the services we provide and employment practices we introduce.  WYFRS’s priorities are our most vulnerable communities who are at risk from fire, fire related injuries and road traffic incidents.

Each District’s Risk Reduction Plan describes the partnerships and initiatives designed to reach those most at risk, strengthen links with local communities and make the most vulnerable groups safer.  Examples of outcomes achieved for the community and employees can be found in our case studies.

In addition to on-going consultation with all our employees we have worked with a wide range of local communities including new parents; people with dementia and their carers; various religious groups, people with learning difficulties; gypsy and travellers; and young people.

If you require further information please contact Diversity and Inclusion by emailing:

Equality Framework Action Plan 2018/-2021