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Family escape house fire

A family had a lucky escape yesterday after a fire broke out in the early morning in their home in Drighlington.

The family of five were asleep at their home in Whitehall Road when a fire broke out in the electrical cupboard downstairs.

Fortunately seven year old daughter Gabriella realised something was wrong when the lights in the house started flickering.

She went to get her mum, Charlotte, who discovered the fire and got everybody out of the house.

They dialled 999 and crews from Morley and Cleckheaton fire station attended after the Fire Control Room received a call at 08.09 hrs (April 10th).

Mum, dad, Alex, and the three children were unharmed by the fire.

A Fire Investigation Officer has since attended the house and confirmed the fire was accidental and related to the electrics.

He said: “The family here have had a very lucky escape and it really is fortunate that the young girl alerted her mum so that everyone could get out safely.

“The playroom has suffered extensive damage which really shows the potential for this fire to have developed into something very serious.

“The house did have smoke alarms but they did not sound. This emphasises the importance of checking your smoke alarms regularly to ensure they are still working.

“There are many reasons a smoke alarm may not activate, and as well as checking the batteries you should also make sure they are not clogged with any dust and it’s a good idea to vacuum them every now and again.

“Another good piece of advice is to close internal doors at night so that if a fire does start, it will not spread, and finally know your escape route should the worst happen.

“We must commend this young girl for her quick-thinking actions which clearly have got mum, dad, and her brother and sister, out of the house unharmed.”

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