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Full Authority

Delegated Powers

The Authority is a corporate body with the legal responsibility for making decisions about all matters concerning the functions, powers, duties and responsibilities of the Authority which are invested in it by statute and / or common law.

However, only the Authority will exercise the following functions:

  • Variations to standing orders and financial standing orders
  • Revenue budget and capital plan
  • Levying or issuing a precept or borrowing on money
  • Major policy issues including:
    • number and location of fire stations
    • major organisational variations to the management or command structure
    • major variations to the establishment
    • proposals for expenditure not within approved revenue or capital plans
  • Adoption of Members’ allowances scheme
  • Appointing Chair and Vice Chair of the Authority and of the committees and sub-committees
  • Any other matter which by law must be reserved to the Authority itself




Liberal Democrat

Morley Borough Independent

Cllr G Almas Cllr C Anderson Cllr C Burke Cllr A Hutchison
Cllr J Illingworth Cllr D Hall Cllr R Downes
Cllr M Midgley Cllr P Harrand Cllr J Sunderland
Cllr N Mohammed Cllr D Kirton
Cllr S Nazir Cllr M Pollard
Cllr D O’Donovan (Chair) Cllr I Sanders
Cllr M Pervaiz
Cllr S Press
Cllr K Renshaw
Cllr F Shaheen
Cllr S Tulley (Vice chair)
Cllr L Whitehouse


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Meetings – Agendas and Minutes

Meeting 24 June 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting to be held on Thursday 24 June 2021 at 10.30 am at Ossett Town Hall

This meeting is open to members of the public to attend. Due to restricted space to ensure social distancing is maintained please email before 21 June to confirm your attendance so a seat(s) can be reserved. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis. You will receive an email confirmation of your allocation – please present this email in order to gain access into the meeting.



1     Appointment of Chair


2     Appointment of Vice-chair


3     Membership of the Authority

Link to report


4     Chair’s announcements


5    Admission of the public

Members are asked to consider whether, by resolution, to exclude the public from the meeting during the items of business marked with an ‘E’ reference, because of the possibility of the disclosure of exempt information.


6     Urgent items

To determine whether there are any additional items of business which, by reason of special circumstances, the Chair believes should be considered at the meeting.


7     Declarations of interest

To consider any declaration of disclosable pecuniary interest in relation to any item of business on the agenda.


8     Committee memberships 2021 – 22

Link to report


9     Nomination of Members to answer questions at meetings of constituent authorities and of District Community Safety lead representatives

Link to report


10    Appointment of Member Champions 2021 – 22

Link to report


11    Representation on Outside Bodies for 2021 – 22

Link to report


12    Minutes of meeting held on 25 February 2021

Link to report


13    Matters arising


14    Minutes of Committees held since 25 February 2021 and of other relevant Outside Bodies


15    Authority Constitution – annual review

Link to report


16    Performance Management 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021

Link to report


17    Corporate Health report 2020 – 21

Link to report


18    Customer Service Excellence 2021

Link to report


19    Calendar of meetings 2021 – 22

Link to report


20    Programme of change

Link to report


21    HMICFRS State of Fire and Rescue 2020 report – update

Link to report



Agenda PDF Version
Reports PDF Version
Minutes (Draft)

Meeting 17 September 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting to be held on Friday 17 September 2020 at 10.30 am.

Meeting 17 December 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting to be held on Friday 17 December 2020 at 10.30 am.

Meeting 24 February 2022

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting to be held on Thursday 24 February 2022 at 10.30 am.

Meeting 23 June 2022

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Meeting to be held on Thursday 23 June 2022 at 10.30 am.

Archived Meetings

This page contains links to the Agendas and Minutes of the Full Authority meetings from previous years:


25 June 2020 (AGM) Agenda Minutes Reports

18 September 2020 Agenda Minutes Reports

18 December 2020 Agenda Minutes Reports

25 February 2021 Agenda Minutes Reports


27 June 2019 (AGM) Agenda Minutes Reports

2o September 2019 Agenda Minutes Reports

13 December 2019 Agenda Minutes Reports

21 February 2020 Agenda Minutes Reports


29 June 2018 (AGM)  Agenda  Minutes  Reports

21 September 2018  Agenda  Minutes  Reports

14 December 2018  Agenda  Minutes  Reports

21 February 2019  Agenda  Minutes  Reports


30 Jun 2017 (AGM)  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

22 September 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

15 December 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

16 February 2018  Agenda  Reports  Minutes 


24 June 2016 (AGM)  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

23 September 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

16 December 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

17 February 2017  Agenda  Reports  Minutes


26 June 2015 (AGM)  Agenda  Reports Minutes

11 September 2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

18 December 2015  Agenda  Reports  Minutes

19 February 2016  Agenda  Reports  Minutes


30 July 2014 (AGM) Agenda (94.15kb) Reports (2126.89kb) Minutes (319.17kb)

17 October 2014 Agenda (214.16kb) Reports (2570.23kb) Minutes (94.18kb)

19 December 2014 Agenda (211.41kb) Reports (3491.8kb) Minutes (241.38kb)

20 February 2015 Agenda (73.28kb) Reports (2168.57kb) Minutes (111.21kb)

27 April 2015 Agenda (84.98kb)   Minutes


28 June 2013 (AGM) Agenda (122.31kb) Reports (1712.95kb) Minutes (317.57kb)

13 September 2013 Agenda (210.98kb) Reports (7020.94kb) Minutes (94.33kb)

20 December 2013 Agenda (214.06kb) Reports (2205.77kb) Minutes (88.03kb)

21 February 2014 Agenda (211.06kb) Reports (1416.57kb) Minutes (94.33kb)


29 June 2012 (AGM) Agenda (125.1kb) Reports (3390.68kb) Minutes (232.23kb)

7 September 2012 Agenda (119.65kb) Reports (1972.34kb) Minutes (32.05kb)

21 December 2012 Agenda (120kb) Reports (2228.47kb) Minutes (177.12kb)

21 February 2013 Agenda (19.15kb) Reports (1229.58kb) Minutes (89.8kb)

28 March 2013 Agenda (106.71kb) Reports (45.41kb) Minutes (117kb)



24 June 2011 (AGM) Agenda (23.07kb) Reports (2419.13kb) Minutes (249.98kb)

9 September 2011 Agenda (123.3kb) Reports (6429.18kb) Minutes (159.64kb)

16 December 2011 Agenda (14.89kb) Reports (2492.19kb) Minutes (160.62kb)

16 February 2012 Agenda (121.75kb) Reports (3404.6kb) Minutes (258.62kb)



25 June 2010 Agenda (13.18kb) Reports (931.93kb) Minutes (49.05kb)

17 September 2010 Agenda (12.74kb) Reports (4938.02kb) Minutes (20.64kb)

17 December 2010 Agenda (13.27kb) Reports (4406.51kb) Minutes (28.12kb)

18 February 2011 Agenda (685.66kb) Reports (1994.4kb) Minutes (26.89kb)

15 April 2011 Agenda (9.78kb) Reports (637.59kb) Minutes (20.48kb)



19 Jun 2009 Agenda and Minutes (1166.78kb)

04 Sep 2009 Agenda and Minutes (72.88kb)

18 Dec 2009 Agenda and Minutes (2237.83kb)

19 Feb 2010 Agenda and Minutes (623.15kb)

30 Apr 2010 Agenda and Minutes (441.27kb)



27 Jun 2008 Agenda and Minutes (2308.42kb)

05 Sep 2008 Agenda and Minutes (324.29kb)

19 Dec 2008 Agenda and Minutes (589.44kb)

13 Feb 2009 Agenda and Minutes (526.87kb)

24 Apr 2009 Agenda and Minutes (935.69kb)