Our Achievements

Priorities 2020-2023

We will reduce the risks to the communities of West Yorkshire

  • We continued to deliver prioritised Safe and Well advise throughout the pandemic: since March 2020 we have carried out more than 15,000 checks.
  • We have carried out more than 500 Tactical Information Plans through our Building Risk Review programme
  • Supplied support for Ukrainian Firefighters
  • 4.3% reduction in fire-related incidents

We will continue to develop ways of working which improve the safety & effectiveness of our firefighters

  • Implementation of new structural fire kit, rescue jackets and helmets taking into consideration the requirement of the Clean Cab policy
  • We have introduced Sundstrom respiratory protective equipment to improve firefighter safety

We will work efficiently to provide value for money and make the best use of reserves to provide an effective service

  • Constant improvements through our commitment to ensuring our service is efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering demonstrated in the Customer Service Excellence assessment

We will be innovative and work smarter throughout the service

  • Launch of OSARIS for operation risk information and firefighter protection. Further development to bring in prevention and fire investigation information.

We will invest in information and communication technology, digital and data, to deliver our service in smarter ways

  • Development of OneView for improved performance management

We will support, develop and enable our people to be at their best

  • Introduction of the Fire Standards Board to oversee the development and maintenance of a suite of national Fire Standards

We will promote environmentally friendly ways of working, reduce waste and raise awareness amongst staff to both fight climate change and respond more effectively to incidents driven by extreme weather events

  • We have invested in a fleet of 10 electric pool cars to replace diesel cars as they come to the end of their lease
  • We have replaced an old fire station at Wakefield with a modern, more environmentally friendly building, which has a much-reduced footprint and is very efficient to maintain 

We will actively look for opportunities to implement learning from the Grenfell Inquiry to improve how we respond to high rise emergencies and other foreseeable risks

  • Introduction of the Building Risk Review programme carrying out a programme of assessing all high-rise buildings in West Yorkshire in liaison with building owners to identify fire safety deficiencies including those which incorporate external wall systems
  • We have produced guidance for fires in tall buildings

We will continue working towards delivering a more inclusive workforce, which reflects and serves the needs of the diverse communities of West Yorkshire

  • We achieved a Bronze level accreditation through ‘Inclusive Employers
  • 0.3% increase in female firefighters; 0.1% increase in firefighters from ethnic background