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  • 15:11 20 Apr 2019

    Ilkley Moor Update

    Ilkley Moor

    We currently still have 12 appliances in attendance and are using a helicopter as a means of fire attack.  3 large jets are also in use.    

  • 10:43 21 Apr 2019

    RTC – Leeds area

    Carr Lane, Thorner

    RTC with 2 vehicles involved, 2 people trapped, extricated by fire crews on scene and handed over to paramedics. Appliances from Killingbeck and Moortown attended

  • 08:00 21 Apr 2019

    Ilkley Moor Update

    Ilkley Moor

    12 Pumps are still in attendance at incident, currently we are using 7 jets and beaters, specalist wildfire units are also in attendance and a helicopter will be assisting with…

  • 21:44 20 Apr 2019

    Wakefield Road Traffic Collision

    George A Green Road, Wakefield

    Road traffic collision involving 2 cars, 1 person was trapped, casaulty was released by fire service personnel and then transported to hospital by ambulance. Pumps from Wakefield and Dewsbury attended

  • 19:23 20 Apr 2019

    Halifax grass fire Make pumps 3

    Ogden Lane, Causeway Foot, Halifax

    Large fire in the open near to Ogden Water in area measuring 200 metres by 200 metres, crews have used 4 beaters and 4 aqua back packs. Appliances from Halifax,…

  • 15:11 20 Apr 2019

    Update on Ilkley Moorland Fire

    Hangingstone Road, Ilkley

    10 Pumps are still in attendance at the Moorland fire at Ilkley. Crews are in the process of withdrawing from the moor but damping down is still taking place. Crews…

  • 15:11 20 Apr 2019

    Moorland Fire Ilkley Moor, White Wells- Make Pumps 14

    White Wells, White Wells Road, Ilkley

    Make Pumps 14 for large Moorland fire Ilkley, White Wells area. Crews have used Beaters, Aqua Backpacks, Leaf blowers and Ultra Light Portable pumps to extinguish the fire. Fire Crews,…

  • 12:49 20 Apr 2019

    Moorland Fire, Make Pumps 4 near Otley Road, Eldwick, Bingley

    Moorland north of Dick Hudsons Public House, Otley Road, Eldwick

    50 acres of Moorland involved in fire. This is moorland situated to the north of Dick Hudsons PH.  This incident is Make Pumps 4. Crews are using Beaters, Aqua Back…

  • 20:17 19 Apr 2019

    Pontefract Road Traffic Collision

    Chequerfield Road, Pontefract

    Road traffic collision involving 3 vehicles. On arrival of fire service 1 male was found to be trapped in car, casualty was released from vehicle and then transported to hospital…

  • 13:40 15 Apr 2019

    Make pumps 3 – Wakefield area

    Weeland Road, Sharlston common - Wakefield

    Make pumps 3 for fire on wasteground 50m x 50m in size.  Further information to follow